Plan for the care of your forever friend
Cat Depot is Here to Help

Pets are an important part of our lives, keeping us company and giving us unconditional love. Many of us believe that there is always a tomorrow, that we will always be here to care for ourselves and our beloved pets. We also assume that neighbors, family or friends will step up to the plate to care for our pets should we be unable to do so. There can be confusion that accompanies unexpected illness, accident, or death of a pet parent. Cat Depot wants to make sure your cat is not overlooked.

Prepare a plan for your cat’s future

The best way to assure that your wishes regarding the future care of your pets are fulfilled is to draw up a formal written arrangement, such as a will, trust or bequest,that specifically states the individual care needed for each animal. Seek out the advice and help of a professional who can assist in the preparation of legal documents.

Cat Depot is committed to assist cat owners with a plan that will honor their cats for life.

For more information about the Lifetime Care Program, please email Claudia Harden, Director of Communications (, or call (941) 366-2404.