Plan for the care of your forever friend
Cat Depot is Here to Help

Pets are an important part of our lives, keeping us company and giving us unconditional love. Many of us believe that there is always a tomorrow, that we will always be here to care for ourselves and our beloved pets. We also assume that neighbors, family or friends will step up to the plate to care for our pets should we be unable to do so. There can be confusion that accompanies unexpected illness, accident, or death of a pet parent. Cat Depot wants to make sure your cat is not overlooked.

Prepare a plan for your cat’s future

The best way to assure that your wishes regarding the future care of your pets are fulfilled is to draw up a formal written arrangement, such as a will, trust or bequest,that specifically states the individual care needed for each animal. Seek out the advice and help of a professional who can assist in the preparation of legal documents.

Cat Depot is committed to assisting cat owners with a plan that will honor their cats for life.

For more information about the Lifetime Care program, please email Claudia Harden, Director of Communications (, or call 941-366-2404.

Lifetime Care Application

Our Lifetime Care program allows pet parents to have reassurance that their personal cats will be accepted into the shelter in the eventuality something should happen to them. At that time, Cat Depot will care for cats until they are adopted into a new home. A bequest of a minimum of $5,000 per cat or payment in advance of same is required for acceptance into the Lifetime Care program.

The application below, along with your cat’s most recent veterinary records and $100 processing fee, would need to be completed and sent to Cat Depot for review. For any cat to be accepted into our Lifetime Care program, their veterinary records must also be reviewed and approved by Cat Depot’s Shelter Programs & Admissions Manager and Shelter Veterinarian. If your cat(s) has medical or behavioral concerns that are beyond our assistance or that of a potential adopter, it is possible they may not be approved for the program.

To apply for the Lifetime Care program, please fill out the form below and pay the associated one-time, non-refundable $100 application fee online or by mail-in check. Submission of the application, veterinary records, and associated fee are not a guarantee for admittance to the program. 

Please note that Cat Depot recommends you consult with your financial advisor or attorney to fully review the program application before submission of any agreements.

Planned Giving

Cat Depot helps thousands of cats and kittens each year. Your generosity makes our lifesaving work possible. Through our planned giving programs, you have the opportunity to ensure that your legacy will lead the way to a bright future for the lost, homeless and helpless felines we serve.

Our Planned Giving programs combine Cat Depot’s current needs and long-term goals with your financial, tax, and estate planning vision. Out of this discussion comes a contribution that delivers more benefits to us than you ever thought you could provide, while reducing the taxable portion of your estate. With any gift you choose, you can feel confident in the fact that we will be here to strengthen the bond between animals and people for years to come.

For some, planned giving is as simple as listing Cat Depot as a beneficiary on an insurance policy or an IRA. Others may choose to have a more in-depth conversation about what you would like for your gift to accomplish.

For additional help with your estate planning, please consult with your financial planner, estate attorney or accountant. We’ll be pleased to assist you with specific details as to how your gift will help the felines at Cat Depot.

For more information about planning your gift, contact Claudia Harden at 941-366-2404 or

This information is intended to provide general gift planning information. Our organization is not qualified to provide specific legal, tax or investment advice, and this publication should not be looked to or relied upon as a source for such advice. Consult with your own legal and financial advisors before making any gift.