Find your perfect cat waiting for you at Cat Depot.

If you would like to meet any of the cats currently available for adoption, please contact the shelter to make an appointment: 941-366-2404 or adoptions@catdepot.org.  Walk-ins are being accepted at this time but you must have an approved adoption application. We cannot guarantee an adoption counselor will be available at walk-in time so we recommend scheduling an appointment. 

Please complete the Cat Depot Adoption Application before you make an appointment to visit to help our Adoption Counselors find your purr-fect match. 

Seniors who are 60+ looking for a kitty companion can now adopt one of our amazing senior cats (8 years old and up) and the adoption fee is only $25!

For those interested and qualify please fill out the adoption application.

Thanks Pets for the Elderly for sponsoring these adoptions!

Keep an eye out for the heart symbol located on available cat’s photos!

Cat Depot provides a safe haven for a wide variety of cats and kittens on any given day until they are adopted into loving homes.

cats adopted in 2024.

All Cats and Kittens Shown Below are Available for Adoption at Cat Depot.
Locations shown for each reflect their location within the shelter.
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Thank you for wanting to save a life of a homeless feline friend.

Please complete the Cat Depot Adoption Application before you make an appointment to visit Cat Depot to help the Adoption Counselors find your purr-fect match. 

Choosing Your Cat

Cats need your commitment for life and those of different ages have various needs.

There are so many cats to choose from that it can be hard to know where to begin. The answers may lie in considering your own lifestyle. Are you a couch potato who wants a cat to nap along with you? Do you hang on every fascinating word a kitty says? Is kitten-watching more fun than watching TV?

Kitten or Cat?

Kittens have lots of energy and you never know what personality will come out as a result of your purrenting.

Adult cats are ready made. They are typically calmer and come fully assembled ready for your love.


They come in all kinds – from high energy to couch potatoes. Come in and see what fits your lifestyle today!

Short or long fur?

Most all cats have fur with the exception of the Sphinx breed. Long haired cats can require more help with their grooming so be prepped to learn some kitty beauty secrets while visiting Cat Depot.

Purebred or mixed breed?

We have all types and sizes of cats available for adoption throughout the year! Purebred cats often are more expensive. Mixed breeds receive their classification from their coat patterns rather than their parentage. Different breeds can have different personalities.

Special Needs Cats

Although these cats may require more veterinary visits and extra special attention from you – this makes your commitment to them all the more special.

Room for One More?

In considering an addition to your family, you need to assess your lifestyle, whether your current pets get along with others and what changes may lie ahead or you – ie moving, new job, new family members, etc. We can help walk you through the possibilities.

To be considered as an adopter, you must:

  • Complete and submit the Adoption Application.
  • Speak with an Adoptions Counselor for approval.
  • Be 18 years of age or older and have government issued identification that includes photo and current address.
  • Proof of current address.

There are lots of important things to think through before picking your new pal. The first step to starting a long and lasting friendship with a cat is, of course, choosing the cat—or, more to the point, choosing the cat that’s right for you.

By definition, this is the biggest decision you’ll make regarding your cat. And it’s an important decision, because a cat—unlike an item of clothing, a video-game console, or a must-have electronic gadget—is a living, breathing being who will need your care and attention for the next 10, 15, or even 20 years.

Cat Depot Saves Lives

Cat Depot is a limited-admission shelter and adoption center that is here for the cats, kittens, and community of Sarasota and Manatee Counties and beyond! We are proud of our lifesaving efforts!

2023 Asilomar LRR (Live Outcomes/Total Outcomes): 97.9%

2023 ASPCA LRR (Live Outcomes/Total Intakes): 96.2%