Meet our team of devoted cat lovers
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Our Team:



Meow Mayor



HR Assistant

Susan Hanus-modified

Susan Hanus

Executive Director 


Diana de Veer, CVPM

Director of Operations and

Medical Services


Claudia Harden

Director of Communications and Development


Eric Bodenrader

Volunteer and Guest Services Manager

Barbara (1)

Barbara Eaton

Veterinary Practice Manager, Cat Care Clinic

Britteny Judah-modified

Britteny Judah

Pet Retention, Admissions & Adoptions Manager

Dr Don Kalt

Don Kalt, DVM, MS

Veterinarian, Cat Care Clinic

Dr Morales

Alana Morales, DVM, MPH

Veterinarian, Shelter Medical

Larry Muldoon-modified

Larry Muldoon

Human Resource Manager

Ryan Simonson-modified

Ryan Simonson

Cat Care and Facilities Manager 

Crystal Smith-modified

Crystal Smith

Shelter Medical Manager


Tim Weeks

Systems and Finance Manager

Janice Armitage-modified

Janice Armitage

Veterinary Nurse, Cat Care Clinic 

C Bender

Lex Bender, MSW

Adoption Counselor


Kim Bull

Adoption Counselor

Stacy Circle

Stacy Burns

Veterinary Nurse, Shelter Medical

Untitled design (79)-modified

Jessica Carlson

Guest Relations Specialist


James Cathey

Cat Caregiver

Shara Cobb-modified

Shara Cobb

Client Relations Specialist & Veterinary Assistant, Cat Care Clinic

Peyton Davis - circle

Peyton Davis

Communications Specialist

circle-cropped (13)

Julia Fogel

Cat Caregiver, Shift Lead

Brooke Greenberg-modified

Brooke Greenberg

Lead Veterinary Nurse, Cat Care Clinic

Paige Hagedorn-modified

Paige Hagedorn

Veterinary Nurse, Shelter Medical

taylor hall-modified

Taylor Hall

Veterinary Assistant, Cat Care Clinic

Sacha Lerch-modified

Sacha Lerch

Guest Relations Specialist 


Ellie Levine

Humane Educator

Nancy M

Nancy MacKinnon

In Loving Memory

Veterinary Nurse, Cat Care Clinic

Website Pics Background-modified

Sherry McIntyre

Cat Caregiver


Donna Mickley

Purchasing and Retail Specialist

Casandra Mitchell-modified

Casandra Mitchell

Client Relations Specialist, Cat Care Clinic

Makayla Olenick-modified

Makayla Olenick

Cat Care Giver

Frank Pontrelli (79)-modified

Frank Pontrelli

Adoption Counselor

Dakota Schramer-modified (1)

Dakota Schramer

Cat Caregiver

Joe Simmons

Joe Simmons

Cat Caregiver

Ender Simonson-modified

Ender Simonson

Cat Caregiver

Lexi White-modified

Lexi White

Veterinary Assistant, Cat Care Clinic

Ashley Sistarelli-modified

Ashley Sistarelli

Veterinary Nurse, Shelter Medical

Samantha Zellner (2)

Samantha Zellner

Veterinary Assistant, Shelter Medical 

Our 2022-2023 Board of Directors*

circle-cropped (6)

Ken Slavin

President / Treasurer

circle-cropped (5)

Linda Slavin

Vice President


Michael Siegel


*Independent, voting members of the board.