Meet our team of devoted cat lovers
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Our Team:


Sweet Pea

Meow Mayor


Diana de Veer, CVPM

Director of Operations and

Medical Services


Claudia Harden

Director of Communications and Development

Richard Barber-modified

Richard Barber

Adoptions Manager &

Feline Behavior Specialist 


Eric Bodenrader

Volunteer and Guest Services Manager

Barbara (1)

Barbara Eaton

Veterinary Practice Manager, Cat Care Clinic

Britteny Judah-modified

Britteny Judah

Pet Retention & Admissions Manager

Dr Don Kalt

Don Kalt, DVM, MS

Veterinarian, Cat Care Clinic

Dr Morales

Alana Morales, DVM, MPH

Veterinarian, Shelter Medical

Larry Muldoon-modified

Larry Muldoon

Human Resource Manager

Ryan Simonson-modified

Ryan Simonson

Cat Care & Facilities Manager 

Crystal Smith-modified

Crystal Smith

Shelter Medical Manager


Tim Weeks

Systems and Finance Manager

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Andie Antonik

Development Specialist

C Bender

C. Bender, MSW

Adoption Counselor


Kim Bull

Adoption Counselor & HR Administrator

Stacy Circle

Stacy Burns

Veterinary Nurse, Shelter Medical


James Cathey

Cat Caregiver

Brooklynn Christy-modified

Brooklynn Christy

Veterinary Assistant, Cat Care Clinic 

Shara Cobb-modified

Shara Cobb

Client Relations Specialist & Veterinary Assistant, Cat Care Clinic

Peyton Davis - circle

Peyton Davis

Communications Specialist

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Julia Fogel

Cat Caregiver

Nicole Huntley-modified (1)

Nicole Huntley

Veterinary Assistant, Shelter Medical


Ellie Levine

Humane Educator

Nancy M

Nancy MacKinnon

In Loving Memory

Veterinary Nurse, Cat Care Clinic

Morgan Mento-modified

Morgan Mento

Veterinary Nurse, Shelter Medical


Donna Mickley

Purchasing and Retail Specialist

Joe Simmons

Joe Simmons

Cat Caregiver

Ashley Sistarelli-modified

Ashley Sistarelli

Veterinary Nurse, Shelter Medical

Tony Van Beck-modified

Tony Van Beck

Cat Caregiver

Lexi White-modified

Lexi White

Cat Caregiver

Sheena Withers-modified

Sheena Withers

Client Relations Specialist & Veterinary Assistant, Cat Care Clinic

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Yvonne Zaccone

Guest Relations Specialist

Samantha Zellner (2)

Samantha Zellner

Cat Caregiver

Our 2022 Board of Directors*

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Ken Slavin

President / Treasurer

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Linda Slavin

Vice President


Michael Siegel


*Independent, voting members of the board.