Designed as a Resource for Rescue, Adoption, and Education

Our Four Main Services Include:

• Adoption
• Affordable, cat-specific veterinary care
• Public Education and Family Activities
• Community Cats Program
Cat Depot also has numerous education programs and is continually working to develop pertinent educational programs and activities that will meet the needs of both homeless cats and members of the community.

Our goal is to find a perfect match and loving home for every cat who comes to Cat Depot.

In considering an addition to your family, you need to assess your lifestyle, whether your current pets get along with others and what changes may lie ahead for you – for example, new job, new family members, etc. We can help walk you through the possibilities.

Public Education and Family Activities

Cat Depot believes in treating every cat with humane kindness, love, and care. We also know that children and adults who learn to extend kindness and care towards animals are more likely to treat other people with respect. This ongoing mission is shared with children and adults in the community through a variety of educational opportunities, field trips, and tours, kid’s summer camp, and even birthday parties.

Affordable Cat Specific Veterinary Care
Open to the Public

The Cat Care Clinic opened in 2014 and provides affordable veterinary services for cats and kittens. 

Not a Walk-in Clinic – Not an Emergency Clinic
By Appointment Only. Please call for hours – 941-366-CATS (2287)

For general questions, click here to send us a message

Community Cats

Our Community Cats program was developed to educate the public about free-roaming cats, supply food for community cats and personal pets of income qualified individuals, offer resources for free and low-cost medical care, rent traps, provide free and low cost spay/neuter surgeries, and place adoptable cats and kittens into loving homes.


Cat Depot needs your help! We are coordinating placement of community cats that are in need of new outdoor homes. Cat Depot will ensure that the cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. If you are able to save a cat, please contact us at 941-366-2404 or email

Additionally, if you would like to support Cat Depot’s efforts on behalf of these cats, donations can be made here. Thank you!