Working Cats


Traditional home adoptions aren’t for every cat. Our Working Cat Program works to find outdoor homes for cats and kittens.
Cats available for adoption through Cat Depot's Working Cat program are looking for a home in outdoor settings such as a barn, farm, etc. In exchange for shelter, medical care, and food working cats can benefit their people by keeping rodents and other pests away.

working cats adopted
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working cats adopted
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If you are interested in making a working cat part of your “home”, please submit the application below to be added to our wait list.
Please contact us at 941-366-2404 or with any questions about our Working Cat Program.​

Working Cat Application

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    Cat Depot is a non-profit center that depends on donations to operate each year.

    Working cats are not your average cat who typically enjoy petting and sleeping in front of the fireplace. These cats are not able to be placed up for adoption as house pets. Even though their adoption may be a little different than house cats, we are just as committed to finding them safe homes and are here to help adopters set these cats up for success.