Why do we foster?

February 1, 2021


Ian & foster cat
foster cats

We both love cats, and always had at least one (sometimes two or three) from when we got married in 1970 until we retired in 2008.  Since retirement, we’ve travelled a lot and lived in different countries. We now have a home in Sarasota, and normally spend the winter months there; but our summers are based in the UK, so it is no longer possible for us to have a cat of our own. 

In 2016 we spotted a Cat Depot stall outside Whole Foods.  After talking to the Cat Depot representative and  explaining our situation, he suggested that we look into to fostering cats.  This was something we’d never heard of – but it sounded ideal – so Sandie got in touch with Cat Depot and we completed all the necessary training.  Sandie also volunteers in other ways there by visiting with the cats and working at the front desk.

Since then, we have fostered nine cats, for varying lengths of time.  They are usually older cats who are recovering from an operation, or for different reasons are not ready for adoption.  We are grateful to Cat Depot for allowing us to enjoy their company, even if it is only for a short time.    

Ian and Sandie
Foster Volunteers

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